Merger of Two Companies with Powerful Health Products


Trivita Founder and CEO Michael Ellison with his wife, Susan, and Amazon Herb Company Founder John Easterling with his wife, Olivia Newton-John

Independent TriVita Business Owner
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This is a rare occurrence. I have never seen two companies with great health product lines merge. These 2 companies decided that they could become much bigger and help many more people by combining their unique strengths. The merger of these two companies happened December 1, 1012.

One company is Amazon Herb Company with health products for different weaknesses in systems of the body. The products are combinations of different wild growing herbs from the Amazon rainforest. It is owned by Amazon John Easterling and his wife Olivia Newton-John who starred in the most popular American musical ever– Grease.

The other company is TriVita that has the best selling vitamin B-12 supplement in the world and juice from a cactus fruit known as prickly pear. They created a blend of fruits and vegetables with this cactus fruit that is very good for inflammation and pain and is listed in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference).

The Amazon Herb Company works with a dozen tribes in the Amazon rainforest. The business part of it is now run by TriVita since they are better with that. They are using the TriVita website that is much more comprehensive.

Also as far the optional opportunity to make money with it, TriVita is doing TV commercials for their cactus fruit juice blend and people can buy the customers from it. Also they are using TriVita’s marketing plan that is more profitable and the requirements are very easy compared to Amazon Herb Company. An expert had convinced Amazon John to create a marketing plan with tough requirements that some could not achieve and lost money due to it with Amazon Herb Company. Although I cannot complain since this made them more open to the merger with TriVita.

I have been using the Amazon Herb Company products for over 10 years. Olivia Newton-John had been using the Amazon Herb Company products for longer than that with great results. That is what led to her later meeting and marrying Amazon JohnOlivia Newton-John now has a medical center in Australia. She is a breast cancer survivor. On Youtube you can see her on the TV show musical– Glee from last year. Watch this 90 second clip from it. Here is 30 second clip from the song on it. She looks great for being 64 years old (64 years young).

I have been using the cactus fruit juice blend made with prickly pear and I am pleased with it. I feel younger, but inflammation is what makes the age related diseases worse. For example in the article Latest Science on Losing Weight | Calories Not Important, it explains that the hormone leptin increases metabolism and suppresses appetite as you create more fat but inflammation causes it to not work. Also the article, The Truth About the Cholesterol Myth explains that the real problem with arteries is caused by inflammation.

TriVita has just come out with a new product for stress but it has similar benefits as the Amazon Herb Company product that helps people to feel more calm and relaxed. The prickly pear juice blend comes from the Sonoran dessert in southern Arizona that is the most biodiverse dessert in the world. For more information on the products and this new company see Two Powerful Health Product Lines Become One.

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