7 Health Benefits of Coffee becomes 8 Health Benefits of Coffee

7 Health Benefits of Coffee just became 8 Health Benefits of Coffee!

This Huffington Post article does say there are serious problems when you drink a lot of coffee but the good outweighs the bad. Note that adding sugar and milk to it are very bad for you. You can add stevia or honey and coconut milk. Below is a link to the full article that goes into more detail with each of these health benefits of drinking coffee.

Note that adding sugar or milk/cream to coffee is very unhealthy. You can sweeten it with stevia or honey and add coconut or almond milk.

7 Health Benefits of Coffee

1. It can help you to correct mistakes that you made in grammar while doing proofreading.

2. It can help lower a woman’s chance of getting depression.

3. It can help your brain to fight off Alzheimer’s disease. But green tea can also so that.

4. It can lower a man’s chance of getting prostate cancer, but vitamin D is what is really good at preventing prostate, colon and breast cancer.

5. Coffee can help fight off skin cancer, the most common cancer in the world.

6. Drinking coffee can lower your risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

7. It can lower your chances of getting Parkinson’s disease by 25%.

8. This was added on March 7, 2012. So this is the last benefit but not the least benefit. According to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Coffee May Lower Risk of Breast Cancer.

Coffee May Lower Risk of Breast Cancer

Researchers from Sweden compared lifestyle factors and coffee consumption between women with breast cancer and age-matched women without. They found that the coffee drinkers had a lower incidence of breast cancer than women who rarely drank coffee. However they also found that several lifestyle factors affected breast cancer rates, such as age at menopause, exercise, weight, education, and a family history of breast cancer.

Like the previous article, this article about coffee and breast cancer says that you should limit how much coffee you drink. Also see 11 Ways to Lower Your Risk of Getting Breast Cancer.

I hear that coffee berries are very healthy and high in antioxidants so maybe someday we will be able to buy these. I do not drink coffee except as a sample at Trader Joe’s. I tried making instant coffee but did not continue that after I used the bottle of it. Brewing it is too much trouble for me. Maybe if I brewed it every day, then maybe I would want to continue.

Drinking Tea Can Kill You

If you drink boiling hot tea then it will probably kill you. If you drink any beverage that is too hot, it will hurt you, like giving you mouth and throat cancer. Other than that, no one has bad things to say about the benefits of drinking green tea or yerba mate tea. So these may be better than coffee. Studies show that the more green tea that you drink the better. Both yerba mate and green tea have caffeine. You can sweeten them with stevia.

I have an article on the Health Benefits of Yerba Mate. People can go to the Whole Foods markets where they have their 365 brand of a tea that contains organic green tea, organic yerba mate and organic peppermint. It cost only $4.00 for 40 tea bags. I love the taste of this tea. Plus since it is organic it is not GMO, irradiated or loaded with chemical pesticides.

Green tea has a kind of bland taste but see this: Health Benefits of Green or White Tea, to see all the benefits you get from drinking it. Yerba mate has kind of a bitter taste like coffee but I like the taste of yerba mate. Yerba mate or Jesuit’s tea is the most popular beverage in most of South America. It is the official beverage of Argentina. So with a healthy sweetener the yerba mate tastes great to me. Yerba mate has the highest amount of chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant that helps you lose excess weight. Like green tea, yerba mate also has some caffeine.

Here is the stevia that I use (it quotes some of the studies done on it). It comes as a liquid in a 1 fluid ounce bottle. I use 4 drops in a cup of tea. It is convenient to take with you whenever you go to a restaurant or wherever. It is pure stevia. Stevia is a herb with no calories.

In Japan they have used stevia to sweeten soft drinks for decades and they claim that it helps to prevent tooth decay by inhibiting the bacteria that causes it . Stevia is well known for its ability to help the body to control blood sugar levels making it beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes.

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