Transsexual Model, Lea T, on Oprah Show

The transesexual model, Lea T, sits down and talks to Oprah. There are over 30,000 transexuals living in the U.S. This is someone who feels that they are the wrong gender (sex) and want to change it. Here is a video with Oprah talking to Lea T.

Oprah Talking to Transsexual Model Lea T

Lea T is all over the internet. Here is a nude photo of her but she is covering up the bottom. Males are allowed to be topless so this is not an X rated photo.

Lea T Posing Nude

Oprah just had on her show on February 22, 2011, a 7 year old transgender girl (see video below). Her name was Harry and now it is Hailey. Dr Phil had a show about kids that want to be a different sex. He let both sides express their opinions but he would not take either side. That could cause him to lose fans. (See today’s blog post for more about this).

Seven Year Old Transgeder Hailey

Decades ago there was a famous transsexual that was a super model. But when it was learned that she was a transexual, she could not get hired. Her name was Tululu.

Also here is what shows that things are not as simple as they appear. Males have an XY chromosome. Females have an XX chromosome. That super model Tululu had an XXY chromosome. So she did not fit in either category.

Pictures of Famous Transsexuals

The above site has pictures of great looking famous transsexuals. In the United States there are over 50,000 intersexuals. These are people that are neither male nor female. Just one example of one is a person with one testicle and one ovary. There are many other combinations and variables of people that were born this way.


Intersexuality as a term was adopted by medicine during the 20th century, and applied to human beings whose biological sex cannot be classified as clearly male or female.[2][3][4] Intersex was initially adopted by intersex activists who criticize traditional medical approaches to sex assignment and seek to be heard in the construction of new approaches.

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